Most memorable experiences

I think the most memorable experience for me from Photo 1 was learning how to use Photoshop. Specifically, our Levitation Photography project. Before this project, we had used Photoshop before, but it was mostly just learning how to arrange typed words on a picture. In Levitation Photography we got to take our Photoshop skills to the next level and learn how to use many of the tools the program has to offer. We had to combine two images and make them look realistic yet magical. This was very challenging but I learned many things, from how to make a shadow to how to use the paintbrush tool. We did many memorable things in this class but I think that I will use what I learned in Levitation Photography throughout my whole life.

The second most memorable thing from Photo 1 was pinhole photography. This project was fun, interesting, creative, and very educational. Before this year the process of developing photos was always a mystery to me. I never knew what happened in a dark room and I had no idea how a negative photo became a positive. We started this assignment by creating negatives. It was really cool how you can use a paint can with a hole in it as a camera. It was also very exciting to see what happened to the blank paper once it was in the developer. I also loved developing our positives. The negatives looked weird because the highlights and shadows were inverted, but the positives looked real. They have a cool old-fashioned look to them like they were made 60 years ago. This was such a unique and interesting experience for me and I think I will remember this project for a long time.


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