Assignment that I am the most proud of

The assignment that I am the most proud of is this picture from our Forced Perspective Photography project. This was the final assignment we had that included using Photoshop, so I was able to use everything that I learned from previous assignments. For this picture I had to use many of the tools that I have learned about. I mostly used the selection tools because I took reflections from the original photo (of the glass ball) and put them on top of the new one so it looked like I was inside of the ball. I also used the eraser tool and transform tools a lot and I changed the coloring so that the two pictures looked like one. This was a very challenging picture to Photoshop because the ball reflects colors and light very weirdly. I had to really imagine what it would look like if someone was inside of it, and I think it turned out well. 

Most memorable experiences

I think the most memorable experience for me from Photo 1 was learning how to use Photoshop. Specifically, our Levitation Photography project. Before this project, we had used Photoshop before, but it was mostly just learning how to arrange typed words on a picture. In Levitation Photography we got to take our Photoshop skills to the next level and learn how to use many of the tools the program has to offer. We had to combine two images and make them look realistic yet magical. This was very challenging but I learned many things, from how to make a shadow to how to use the paintbrush tool. We did many memorable things in this class but I think that I will use what I learned in Levitation Photography throughout my whole life.

The second most memorable thing from Photo 1 was pinhole photography. This project was fun, interesting, creative, and very educational. Before this year the process of developing photos was always a mystery to me. I never knew what happened in a dark room and I h…

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

In February I had three main goals for the semester: to learn how to take interesting photos, to learn how to edit photos, and to get more feedback on my photos. In general, I think that all of these goals were accomplished. We started the semester with a bi-weekly assignment where we learned about the main strategies to taking interesting photos. Throughout the semester we touched on specific ways to take good photos, like doing assignments that were specifically for shadows or reflections. I also learned a lot of cool things about editing. We got to learn how to use photoshop and edit our photos in a way that was much more advanced than simply changing the saturation. Finally, I got lots of feedback on my work. I was always able to talk with my peers and teacher about my photos and how I can improve them.

Scavenger Hunt


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Pinhole Photography

To understand and demonstrate pinhole photography and how it works; To become familiar with darkroom processes and procedures.

The first aspect of pinhole photography that we learned about is taking the photo using paint cans with a small hole poked in them. While we were in the dark room we put the paper in and cover the hole. When we were out in bright light we would uncover the hole for a couple of seconds. Another aspect is developing the negatives. First, we put it in the developer, then stopped, then the fixer, and finally a water rinse. The third aspect we learned was developing our positives using the negatives. We used light to transfer the image onto a new piece of photo paper. Then we developed the new piece.

Pinhole photography was a very exciting project for me. The most exciting part for me was seeing our negatives develope for the first time. It was cool because I didn't really know what to expect. I also really liked developing our positives. I liked being a…

Forced Perspective

I think my first photograph was the most unique and successful. I had the idea for it when I got some empty air plant holders. It was challenging because I had to make the reflections and shadow of the glass look realistic. I think it was more unique than my other ones because I haven't seen a lot of photographs like this one. I am really proud of how this one turned out.

The hardest challenge for me during this project was coming up with creative ideas. I had a really hard time at the beginning and I had no ideas. Then I remembered how on the first day of Art Fundamentals we learned that people are more creative when they have boundaries. I decided to look through photos I had already taken and then use them for either the subject or the background. This allowed me to come up with some more creative ideas. I also had a hard time making the tone of my photos match. I learned how to adjust an image in Photoshop so that it has the same lighting as the background.


It is nearing that time  when the wind blows and the leaves in the trees rustle  when you step on the ground and realize you don't need shoes when your dad starts complaining about the dandelions sprouting up in the yard 
It is nearing that time  when you finally start relaxing after a busy day  when everything becomes warm and yellow  when our shadows are bold and dark against the walls  and stretch across the floors  creating versions of ourselves that are ten feet tall